US Box Office

Adam Sandler topliner Click zaps its way to the first place, opening with $40 million. Co-star Kate Beckinsale’s starpower notwithstanding, it’s Adam Sandler who’s proven to be as bankable as ever for the past decade, landing $40+ million in the opening week with most of his movies.
Runner up spot is for Cars, with $22.5 million. With just a 33% drop, it proves to run a very energy efficient engine. At number 3, Nacho Libre has to suffer a bigger drop, with 57% it takes in $12.1 million.
Urban actioner Waist Deep opens with $9.4 million at number 4. And rounding out the top 5 is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, where the braking mechanism seems to be working quite well, making up for a 66% drop. Tough with $9.2 million this week, and a cume of $42.6 million, it will probably at least be close to break even at the end of the run.

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