Review: Cars

I think this is the first Disney/Pixar flick that I actually don’t really like. But of course, there’s always a first time (for Dreamworks Animation it was Shark Tale).
Several reasons pop up. First, with cars, you kinda limit the distinctiveness of the characters. But look isn’t all that’s at fault here. It actually wouldn’t be such a big thing if they didn’t give the characters such a hollow, one dimensional and non-meaningful content. Henceforth, the resulting relationships are painful to watch, and later on, the false sentiment will feel pretentious. Layers and layers of cliche storytelling will follow, with predictibility finishing first. All that makes the superbly fluid polygon-hiding animation with splashy reflective technology on top of the already super texturing and lighting effects pretty much useless. Too bad the script couldn’t get a complete overhaul at the local garage.5.

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