Mirror mirror on the wall…

…who’s the geekiest of us all ?
I already won in the category “Total Memory You Have On You At All Times” (40 GB iRiver, 512 MB CF for Canon A80, 2 GB CF for iPAQ hx2190, 512 MB SD for iPAQ hx2190, 512 MB MS Duo Pro for Sony Ericsson W810i, 2 GB MS Duo Pro for Sony Ericsson W810i, not counting the many more internal built-in memory in those devices). I just figured, I’d also win in the “Total Display Pixel Count” category (67.000 for the Canon A80, 37.840 for the W810i, 76.800 for the iPAQ). Come to think of it, I’d certainly also win in the “Total Battery Power” category (1300 mAH iRiver, 920mAH for the iPAQ, 900 mAH for the W810i, 930 mAH for Bluetooth GPS receiver and 10.800 (4 x 2700mAH) mAH for the Canon A80 (plus several spare sets)). Can you think of a category I _wouldn’t_ win in ?


2 Responses to “Mirror mirror on the wall…”

  1. Albi Says:

    All categories involving girls 😆

  2. Qbix Says:

    most geeky girlfriend for example 🙂

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