Review: 16 Blocks

Richard Donner must be really getting old. After the excellent Lethal Weapon series I thought he suicided with Timeline (I would’ve, if that piece of $h1at was mine), but he’s going old school with this one again. Entertaining as the oldies were, there weren’t many brain twisters amongst those. And that’s where 16 Blocks will fit in. It’s like sliced and diced cheese blocks ready for consumption.
So, to average things out, the acting performances are pretty standard (Bruce Willis’ performances after the M. Night Shyamalan projects never really impressed me), with only Mos Def having a slightly different role than we’re used to. Story is predictable, and jokes only intermittent. Also, Donner’s direction is mostly uneventful. Nothing special, slightly entertaining, and most important, it’s not boring. If you already know what you’re getting yourself into, it’s not bad at all.7+.

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