Review: The Omen 666

Just like you can save time by not reading books, and wait for the movie, you can also save time not watching classics (pre-eighties) and wait for the remake. Maybe that’s not a good tip after all. The original Wes Craven flick, is usually named in the same sentence with The Excorsist and Rosemary’s Baby. This remake, should not.
While having seen only bits of the original (and it was a bit creepy), this is not that creepy at all. It’s mostly the simple scares (great movie to watch with your girlfriend), but this screenplay isn’t exciting at all. Another vital part is the child, of course. And that’s where this one fails big time. Flashbacks of Star Wars:Episode 1, anyone ? This one is bad in a whole other way, but still, the supposedly freaky stares of this kid, are nothing but unintentional comical, and will have the whole crowd laughing their asses off. Strangely however, the kid also induces some kind of devilish wish in me, to smack him up and strangle him. So, in all its satanic irony, I guess this movie gets the worst out of us. But that’s about all it accomplished.4.

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  1. Tim Eagle Says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to read the book by David Seltzer and it was great. Now in retrospect, the original movie was a far cry from his book, and the re-makes previews seems to cover the book a little more thoroughly. I have yet to see this new remake, and hope to (when it comes out on DVD), and I hope for a little more action taken from the book, in more detail. Do you remember how long the remake was? Thanks. If you haven’t had a chance to read the book (it seems to be very stream of conscious) but I liked it because it reminds me of the first novel I have written titled NITCH. Thanks for the input on the movie it reassures me that I will wait for the DVD.

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