US Box Office

Memorial Day is good business for the box office, and so X-Men 3: The Last Stand opens a record Memorial holiday earning, no less than $120.1 million. For the usual three day span, it’s $103.1 million, enough for a 4th place of biggest US openings (behind Spider-Man 2, SWIII and Shrek 2). Not too shabby is the Da Vinci Code, at number 2 with $43 million (with a satisfying $145 million cume in its second week). Over the Hedge will have to do with the number 3 spot with $35 million, with a $84 million cume, also after just 2 weeks.
Fourth is MI:III, in its fourth week it manages only a meagre $8.5 million, the lowest of cume for the series till now ($115.8 million after four weekends. The first movie did $145 million, while the sequel did $177 million in the same period).
Rounding out the top 5 is Poseidon, with just $7 million, you could say this ship is heading for a disaster (with a $46.6 million cume, it probably won’t cover even a third of the budget of the movie by the end of its run).

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