Review: X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Change…Evolution… and all. Yeah, change it definitely is, evolution I’m not so sure. Difference is Bryan Singer spent 6 years on the previous 2 movies. Brett Ratner less than a year. After helming movies like Red Dragon and the Rush Hour series, Ratner proven himself an able director, though not anywhere near extraordinary. With this movie, he has his biggest budget till now, and that probably changes a man. While still not close to Singer’s instinct for this franchise, he does take on a more grand, closer to the comic book feel (visually at least). So it’s still a good movie to see, but lacks Singer’s subtlety towards relationships, meaningful dialogue and story altogether. So even while this definitely is the movie with the most sacrifices, less drama will hit you because of this. So, will this series stay a trilogy, or was that sneaky trick Rattner put at the very end of the reel another sign ? No matter, my recommendation is still to see this one.8-.

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