Review: Prison Break 103 – 122

It’s that time again. It’s May, and the TV season is about to end. First on my slate is Prison Break (the rest of the other series are nicely queued up on my big hard disk), and that’s because I wasn’t wrong when I reviewed it when it premiered. Not only did it proof to be equal to 24, even airing side by side after 24 resumed its fifth season (excellent move from the Fox network) made it obvious it actually surpassed it in quality. Main reason for that is the time spend with the characters. Getting to know them better means deeper and more meaningful drama can be created. Plus, writing in such a confined space, and keeping it as thrilling and surprising as this whole run has been, requires the extra excellence from the writing and production team.
All in all, Mondays were the most exciting hours at Fox, and I can assure you, with the adrenaline produced by those two series paired together, it makes it a better cardiac work-out than a full two hours on a treadmill. Try to beat that combination !

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