Review: The Da Vinci Code

Is this movie really worth boycotting ? Well, after seeing it, I’d say no, it’s harmless entertainment. Revelations are shocking, but only in the sense of the story, not in reality (even if you take in account some facts are based on reputable research). It would even be blasphemy to call this blasphemy, because the ending has such nice wording to it, it can only strengthen one’s faith (if one had one to start with). Having saved myself countless days of reading, I’d say it’s another tip of the hat for Ron Howard, though the movie is less character based than we’re used to. The story is a high-speed cat and mouse game, chasing clues and secrets here and there. Sometimes convolution is too apparent, with unclear and changing allegiances and goals flying off the screen. Even ending on an anti-climax, I can still say it’s an entertaining movie all the way (though not worth the hype of the year award, and the trailer definitely sets the expectations too high).7½.

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