Review: Tempur Classic Queen Pillow

I once had a small sample of this Tempur material in my hands, and I was sold on the idea of this NASA product. Like the website states, it’s an exclusively licensed product, that’s visco-elastic. Hence the form moulds around your head, and it always bounces back to its original state. Besides that, it has pressure relieving qualities.
So, it is worth the €114 euros ? Well, it’s kind of a tough sell. Of course you can’t expect miracles, like sleeping as if you’re floating high on fairy dust. When first used, it might even feel too hard to ever become comfortable. But in the end, it’s still nice material (it’s also temperature sensitive), and from this week’s experience, I think I’m sleeping slightly better (less disturbance during the night, means less occurences of getting up) than normal. This is due to the pressure relievance, hence optimally preserving the blood flow to my massive brains, which even in idle mode needs massive amounts of oxygen.
Since I was already thinking of a new pillow, it’s a no-brainer I got my money worth, but if you already have a comfortable one, I’m not recommending you to spend that much money.

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