Review: Hertog Hoogstandjes: Kaneel Roomijs met Kersenijs (en stukjes koek)

I had didn’t know about this new flavor, nor was I aware of this whole Hoogstandjes series. Apparently it’s been going on for a while, and this could even be the last in the series (with the online poll, to decide which of the temporary flavor may come back and stay, already closed). The reason I never noticed it might be the us of the same packaging of the standard flavors, whereas the more luxurious flavors use transperant packaging to showcase the colors, and whet our appetite and curiosity.
As for the ice cream itself, the flavor is very mild, almost too mild. There no full cinnamon nor cherry flavor, and it’s actually not that creamy either. There’s some caky crumblings mixed for contrast, but it can’t save it as a whole. And even though it’s mild in taste, there is some synthetic cherry feeling coming through. While there’s definitely no danger in feeling saturated after a portion (or two), there might be a danger in eating too much without noticing it. So, while it’s nice to try it out, it didn’t make my shortlist for an encore.6+.

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  1. Tienz Says:

    Wel een coole (:wink:) website van Hertog!

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