Another day at work at the Beurs World Trade Centre (finishing a two day job). Wow, what a relaxed building this is. Everything is taken care of. Kitchen for the whole floor. Nice offices with designers and other people ready to decorate these modularly designed office spaces just the way you want. And for the technical people (that would be me), the floor design is excellent for cabling.
And look at the view ! Wow, if I ever get rich, keep one office on the top floor free for me !

Beurs WTC

Beurs WTC

One tip for Rotterdam downtown regulars. If you’re in dire need to take a leak, and you have nowhere to go, nor the money to spend, just go into the main lobby of the WTC, the facilities here are free (no security to check you out) and clean !

More pics of the skyline here

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  1. Albi Says:

    Nice view too 🙂

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