Review: Nestle Extreme Mini

It just turned spring, but for ice cream companies, it must be a sign to start marketing their new line-up. So first up is Nestle, with another batch of mini’s, for €3,49 you get 12 tiny scones (20ml each). Unlike the Gold version I reviewed last year, these are based on standard biscuit scones, and the flavor is divided in 6 x Creme Brulee and 6 x Chocolate. The last one leaves nothing to the imagination, it’s pretty straight forward. Chocolate ice cream with a chocolaty and nutty topping. It actually takes only 16.3 seconds to gobble these tiny ones away. Next up is the Creme Brulee, which by any restaurant standard, should be something exquisite. Well, in this case, it’s not. It’s normal vanille ice cream with some creamy sugary sprinklings. That’s it ? Yeah, that’s it. And again, timing the disappearance act from sealed package to digestive form in the stomach, 15.2 seconds. Nice treat for the kids, but adults actually need 2 full boxes.7-.

Well, here it is, the requested 1.9 MB XViD video of how fast two cones (€0.58) can disappear. Actually most of the time is the unpacking. I can’t believe you actually wanted proof. Is my word alone not enough ?

3 Responses to “Review: Nestle Extreme Mini”

  1. Tienz Says:

    Where are the pics?!?! 😯

  2. B. Says:

    I wuz actually wondering the same thing. We need some proof. We actually need a movie with a ticking timer, while you eat one of those cones. And a ‘how messy is my t-shirt’ photo afterwards :mrgreen:

  3. Tienz Says:

    I just wanted to see the delicious pictures of icecream! Talking/reading about it is not enough!:mrgreen:

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