Review: V for Vendetta

More like, Well-done for the Wachowski Brothers. This being their first project after The Matrix trilogy, they even took a break from behind the cameras. Does that matter ? Most probably not. They wrote a thightly packed screenplay, and from there, nothing seems to be able to go wrong.
It’s safe to say there’s no real need for a unique filming style or extremely innovative special effects (even though it’s there if the script calls for it), because the screenplay is like a sturdy foundation. The multi-layered textures (both on personal and social levels) work its way through fleshy dialogue, sucking you in from the very beginning. By creating a gritty world mostly with the use of words, they’ve successfully created a saga without resorting to a sky-rocketing budget invasive methods.
And last but no least, the acting is superb. Extra kudos for Hugo Weaving for giving another complex character form in the way he only can, with just his voice and timing.
So, maybe the comic book was already good from the beginning. Maybe I’m not paying attention to the director or the music composer. But what I’m definitely sure of is that I can’t wait for the next project from Wachowski Brothers.8½.

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