Here Ay Go

Pretty big day yesterday. When I heard the news last Monday, I couldn’t sleep the whole week.
Like the previous key I got handed (after signing for my house), this time it was for my brand new Toyota Aygo Sport.
Now I’m the proud owner of one of the few charcoal black Aygo’s in the country (though Toyota’s 300.000 European unit estimate has already been crushed, and it’s expected to be one of the best sold cars for this continent this year. That’s probably why the factory worked overtime and I didn’t have to wait till June as I reported earlier).
So here’s a picture, too bad there wasn’t a bright sunlight to amplify my metallic lacquer though:


And guess what, during the night, barely a day old, I already caught the first carjacker:


Naah, on a more serious note, I decided (after a quick poll, nobody branded me insane. Well not directly in my face, that is), I need a tough kickass nickname for my new car. Something like Black Devil or something. Help me find one ?

4 Responses to “Here Ay Go”

  1. Constance / Ezri Says:

    Black Boodschappenwagentje? 😛
    Nah, just kidding. 😉 Looks great, congratz! Feels nice eh, having a car! Freeeeedom!!!! \o/
    And: no excuses anymore for not showing up at a #stnl meeting! 😀

  2. Qbix Says:

    Black Beauty ?

    Nice car though.

  3. Mr T Says:

    Blue Bitch…Blue Band…

  4. B. Says:

    Nayse car, Kimpie.

    About the name: Don’t! It’s guys who name their car that also name their dick. Just don’t.

    PS: How ya gonna have hot steamy monkey love on the backseat? You’d have to be an athlete to do that:mrgreen:

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