Review: Inside Man

What do you get if you mix a renowned director (who’s forte is making movies involving racial issues) with a stellar cast (Denzel, Jody and Clive), and a pretty well-written script ? The answer is obvious. A pretty good movie.
You might say it’s the first time Spike Lee is actually aiming the camera to shoot for the box office (I bet you didn’t see his two last movies All the Invisible Children and Jesus Children of America). Heck, mine was 4 years back (25th Hour). But not to worry, even with a big budget under his belt, he delivers. After all, with those three screen mammoths, you get what you paid for.
The story is nicely stretched to a two full hours, filled with sharp dialogue. And without those actors, the psychological power play probably wouldn’t have been delivered that well. Only one thing on the minus side, with the movie ending winding down a bit too early, making the end feel like an anti-climax.7½.

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