Review: Yellowcard – Lights and Sounds

The band is probably one of the best discovery of the past years, and following 2003’s Ocean Avenue is a whole to live up to. After all, that album had the whole rock spectrum covered, and added with their own uniqueness, it did effortlessly stand out for the following years.
Will Lights and Sounds do the same ? Probably, but with my finetuned ears, I’m just a tiny bit critical when it comes to the overall quality. Do they still rock like hell ? Hell yeah. Are they still unique ? Yup. But still, somehow their songs seem a little bit more closer to the normal rock borderline (chorus stylse and hooks intergrating basic guitar riffs).
Their hidden power may be in the less obvious longevity of their songs, since after all, I did upwardly adjust the reviewed grade of their previous album a few weeks later. Who knows what will happen to this one, time will tell. For now it will get a solid average, as any band with a “throw everything supposedly rock you’ve got out the window, and replace it with this one” rating deserves at least that.7+.

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