US Box Office

An overly silly Steve Martin as the french detective in The Pink Panther didn’t stop people from seeing, earning it a number one spot with $21.7 million.
Runner up is the second sequel Final Destination 3, with the James Wong/Glen Morgan duo taking back the reigns (after being sidetracked for the first sequel of their succesful original). And apparently it pays off, upping the previous opening, now at $20.1 million.
Third is *gasp* 2D animated (previously known with the simple word, cartoon) Curious George, still managing $15.3 million.
Somehow, at four, Firewall might be a term too technical for the folks to flock together to see Harrison Ford, filtering through only $13.8 million. Rounding out the top five is When a Stranger Calls (tumbling four places), which rang 54% less, as it gathers only $10 million this week.

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