Latin edition:

Santana – All That I Am: While the guitar leading man is crafty with this musical tool, combining the latin influences, it produces a somewhat bland experience (since it’s not really my genre), leaving only the two more poppy offerings (Steven Tyler and Michelle Branch, where the musical voice offers some fluid contrast with guitar) listenable, and ultimately only earning points for those two.5½.

Shakira – Oral Fixation Vol. 2: Unluckily, there are no songs on this album that matches the air play friendly single Don’t Bother (except maybe only one more song, incidentally featuring the above mentioned Carlos Santana), with most songs, having a weirdy feel to it (for instance, featuring some strange intro or background), and hence again failing into making me a fan (though her longing lyrics “don’t you know I’m only half a body without your embrace” does sound tempting).6-.

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