Review: 24 501 – 504

It’s that time again. Januari, the month that 24 hours starts ticking. It’s actually only since last year the 24 formula was sharpened (and with much success), where it could run weekly without interuption all the way through the season.
As an adrenaline producing pacemaker gone awry, there’s no replacement. Four previous seasons have proven the continuous high paced story twisting writing abilities are very trustworthy (with only some geographical discrepancies here and there, much to any nitpicker’s joy). But seeing how shitty this 5th horrible day Jack is living in, it looks like the writers are on speed or LSD. And only for this instance, I’d say, do drugs, it’s good ! (Really, don’t do drugs if you’re not a producer or writer for 24, ever). In any case, I’ll be training, to keep my ticker in shape for those 20 more heart pounding hours to come.

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