One-word review

You have those movies, that are pushed back somehow, or shoved into the back room. Or maybe I didn’t have time to get around to it till it got on DVD, or maybe it was released directly to DVD. Usually there’s a reason for that, so I won’t spend the usual 1000 words on it, instead opting for just one word. This way, you won’t think I didn’t see all the movies that are out there. So here goes (what I’ve in the past mandatory vacation week off):

Seven Swords: Mediocre.
The Longest Yard: Medium.
Saw: Sharp.
Saw II: Sharptoo.
Wolf Creek: Riiihiiiiight.
The Aristocrats: Hmmm…
Into the Blue: Shallow. (Got to see Jessica Alba’s right nipple exposed though, or rather, her body double, as the producers wants us to believe)
Tom yum goong: Haha. (And that’s not meant in a good way)

Wow, these one-word reviews are harder than I thought it would be, keeping it to just one word and all.

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