Review: Stealth

Stealth it was indeed, but in a whole other way. Having bombed everywhere in the world, some countries didn’t even dare release it, and put it on DVD straight away. Why watch it then ?
Well, even though the critics were unified in bashing this movie, I’d have to disagree with this one. Sure, the script is simple. It’s pretentious and predicatable. Some might call it stupendous. And I’ll have to agree with the generic hero/villain characters too. But with $130 million for a direct-to-DVD, you DO get one hell of a deal. And that’s what this movie is all about, brainless entertainment. And I’ve bashed other movies for this very same thing, but this one somehow manages to keep the fun alive without irritating you at all.
Credit for that goes to Rob Cohen, even though he delivered good movies a decade ago, his career change to the brainless side was obvious a few years ago (The Fast and the Furious (one of those movies I bashed), xXx etc). But the upside of it all is that he can truly grasp all of the technical aspects of today’s way of filming. The use of special and visual effects, combined with the budget, really delivers top notch onscreen spectacle. Combined with good actors, even if the scripts is lousy, makes up for the rest. This one is really a “just eat the popcorn and keep your mouth shut” movie. Or wait, that’s not physically possible. But you know what I mean.7-.

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