Cutting the fat

It’s almost taboo, and I haven’t done it since the internet was invented. But it’s really that time. I’m actually deleting downloaded TV eps without watching them. When a 20 GB backlog to work my way through, there just doesn’t seem enough time to decrease that pile of unimportantness (for the must-see TV eps, I _make_ time, of course). So what am I deleting (and scratching off my TV schedule ?):

Ghost Whisperer
Sleeper Cell

The reason is obvious, what they all share is too repetitive story telling with no real depth to be seen or expected.
With dozens of episodes each, I at least halved my backlog. If I don’t clear that before January network TV restart (with a few new shows premiering), I’m really cooked.

3 Responses to “Cutting the fat”

  1. Qbix Says:

    20 GB backlog.
    That are a lot of nights without sleeping

  2. Albi Says:

    Kinda stupid, with an empty Christmas holiday period coming up 🙄

  3. B Says:

    24 season 5 in January! woo!

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