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US Box Office

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

The Grudge and Halloween make a nice pair. The low budget horror flick (produced by Sam Raimi) is still on top with $22.4 million.
At number 2, Oscar buzz is loud for Jamie Foxx’s performance as Ray Charles in the bio called simply, well, Ray.
Another well-timed low budget horror is Saw at number 3 with $17.4 million. Oldies fill the rest of the top 5. Shark Tale at 4 with $8.0 million and Shall We Dance ? at 5 with $6.3 million.

Not Empty

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Look what I found on my doorsteps !
As you can see in the picture below, I got a response on my earlier post.

Find the full letter here.

That’s not all, actually. Attached to the letter was a 39 cents stamp ! Talk about full compensation.
Anyways, another clear case of “The truth, will get you something free”. Of course, my angel-like innocent face helps a lot too.

How Messy is my Desk Today ?

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Rate 1 (FR#^&% MESS !) to 5 (how very tidy !). Only rate the latest picture, otherwise I can’t keep track of the average.

Total: 1213 out of 377 votes > Average is: 3.218

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Review: Alien vs. Predator

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

The combination of two franchises culminate into a pretty mediocre result. Trying to be an all-out blockbuster, it tries to please the crowd so much, it only chews out the usual cat-mouse games and a whole bunch of cliches. The budget has been used well, as the production value really show. That way, all the second rate actors hired to be cannon fodder for these aliens aren’t that noticable. While it lags in all the other departments, it’s still a mildly entertaining movie, best enjoyed if you don’t spend too much money on it. Only worth a rent if you’re into this genre.6-.

Review: William Shatner – Has Been

Friday, October 29th, 2004

William Shatner is still a very busy man, while starring on ABC’s Boston Legal, he’s still very much linked to his Star Trek history (and he’s still attending conventions here and there). Besides that he’s still developing for other TV projects, and starring in movies (upcoming Miss Congeniality sequel). And THEN he still has time to dive into a recording studio.
He made his story telling mode style his own, and the historical names The Transformed Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds must ring a bell. Decades have passed, but in 1998 he guest-starred on Ben Folds’s solo album Fear of Pop Vol. 1, singing a funny and quite ingenius In Love. The collaboration must’ve been so great, that now a whole album has been born. 10 songs (an eleventh is more a eulogy for his late wife, who drowned in their swimming pool in 1999) are very alike the In Love song. With strange background music, ranging from jazzy to country to hard rock, Ben Folds proves a versatile producer. He mixes it well, keeping it interesting and making every story stick. Guest vocals add something extra too. Besides Ben himself, Aimee Mann, Joe Jackson and Brad Paisley elevate the stories to a slighty more swinging experience.
Truth be told, the oldies were a bore, but In Love was enlighting. Luckily this album falls in the second catagory. While it’s definitely not a firecracker, it definitely works well in the background and may even persuade you to sway your head, unintentionally or not.7.

Review: Veronica Mars 101 – 105

Thursday, October 28th, 2004

A new series on the UPN, and hence the title “The new Buffy” has been born. This show however, leans more towards Alias, with the title role (played by new comer Kristen Bell) having similar facial features, and also featuring in the series are undercover props, accents, and other spy techniques. There’s even a main mystery story arch threaded throughout the whole season. Character design is also similar, with the strange daughter/father relationship and a missing mother. So basically, with the CIA/Rambaldi subjects replaced by high school subjects, it’s a junior version of Alias. After 5 episodes, there’s reasonable depth, and the entertainment value is just above ordinary. If they keep improving, it might be a keeper, but reaching Alias’ level of quality takes a whole lot more.

2B or not 2B

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

That’s the new slogan for the test phase of storing two biometric measurements for official ID and travel documents (hence the 2B, for 2 fingerprints and a facial scan). As my fak… rephrase… as my current passport is about to expire, I’ve been given the chance to participate. And as scary as it sounds (my extreme beautiful facial features stored digitally !), the 10 euro discount for this project is of course, the tipping point. What about you guyz, you up for it ?

How Messy is my Desk Today ?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Toldyaso. One of my favorite lines. See my previous post here.
Here’s proof that bad singers will be revealed one day or another. See article here.

Review: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sunday, October 24th, 2004

What actually was a budget conscious decision, was pushed into this world as a novelty. But this full CGI/green screen setup, to put it mildly, is a slight disappointment. From the very beginning, you’ll notice the shadowy undetailed backgrounds. Combined with the continuous sepia filter and a few very low budget shots, the eye candy is just a plain cube of sugar. While the effect of watching an old cartoon book does transfer well, it’s still not an immersive experience.
That would leave a great story and superb acting to compensate. Sadly, not so. The story is a standard deployment of cliches and the acting is ice cold.
All in all, a short original Superman cartoon (those from the forties) matches the visual style and has more depth to boot. Takes less time to watch too.6-.

How Messy is it at my Work Today ?

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004

It’s almost everyday news. From movie stars to royalties. Jude Law begging for more privacy, and the latest headlines have Prince Harry striking a few physical blows to the picture hungry bloodhounds. After that, you usually get a “no it’s your fault” “no it’s part of the job” discussion. But wouldn’t life be more exciting if all physical contact from the photographed towards the photographer would be legally allowed ? That way, there would never be lawsuits, and the photographers would have more exciting lives. Imagine a life where you’ll sit on your ass mostly all day, and when the star comes or leaves home and you’re too close, you risk getting punched in the face, and you’ll just have to accept it as part of your occupational hazards.

Review: Duran Duran – Astronaut

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

I have nothing against pop music. Heck, I have a whole bunch of them from the last 3 decades. It’s no surprise that my taste lies with contemporary pop, as time moves on. But this album, is literally a throwback from the eighties. And to be honest, it’s just a little bit too much for me. It induces unhealthy mental images. A few fifty-year olds behind Casio keyboards, and some holding a plastic guitars. The only real difference is the slightly more advanced sampling machine, but it’s still definitely the eighties. This album is probably only suitable for the real die-hard Duran Duran fans, it they still exist.5.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Geachte Spar Klantenservice,
u moet weten, ‘s ochtends word ik moeilijk wakker. Om mijn ochtendritueel te verspoedigen, heb ik uiteraard een Philips Senseo gekocht. En om mijn duiten extra te laten klinken (en om monopolie te voorkomen), koop ik mijn Coffee Pads niet van Douwe Egberts, maar van jullie gerespecteerde huismerk (jullie zijn namelijk een van de weinigen die de pads individueel heeft vepakt). Tot vanochtend dan.
Vanochtend pak ik dus de laatste coffee pad. En half-wakker als ik dan altijd ben, laat ik het per ongeluk uit mijn handen vallen. Tot mijn verbazing dwarrelt het geheel langzaam naar beneden, als een droom. Het heeft even in moeten werken, maar na 5 minuten had ik het door. De verpakking was niet gevuld met een coffee pad, maar slechts met lucht.
Zo is het dus gekomen dat ik vandaag een uur te laat op mijn werk ben gekomen. Immers, dezelfde hoeveelheid caffeine die ik normaal met een kop koffie binnen krijg, moest ik dit keer hebben van 4 geleende zakjes bosvruchten-thee van de boven-buurvrouw.

Bijgesloten bij deze brief de bron van deze rampendag, de onaangetaste lege verpakking.

Met veel chagrijnige groeten (helaas, ik heb de thee waarschijnlijk niet lang genoeg laten trekken, en heb dus nog steeds last van caffeine-tekort),

KaNam Ung

(Actually. it’s just here at work, but for the slight dramatization, I used my cozy home as the backdrop of this story)

coffee pad

Review: Medical Investigation 103 – 106

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

With a fair start, what I feared would happen, happened. With no personal stories to go on, all the cases start to look alike. During later episodes, the same lines get repeated multiple times. If you’re only a quarter into a series season, and you can already predict the dialogue before it’s said, something is terrible wrong. Forget the high production value, forget the good actors, and forget the future. To use a medical term, this series, is a goner.