2B or not 2B

That’s the new slogan for the test phase of storing two biometric measurements for official ID and travel documents (hence the 2B, for 2 fingerprints and a facial scan). As my fak… rephrase… as my current passport is about to expire, I’ve been given the chance to participate. And as scary as it sounds (my extreme beautiful facial features stored digitally !), the 10 euro discount for this project is of course, the tipping point. What about you guyz, you up for it ?

4 Responses to “2B or not 2B”

  1. [Tinus] Says:

    Yup! Always! 😀

  2. Mr T Says:

    I had my passport renewed in September the old-fashioned way. So the only conclusion would be that I am so ugly the facial scan would not accept me…:lol: Can I now apply for an extreme make-over?

  3. Qbix Says:

    go for it.
    if it gets through you are special cause you are one of the first. If the experiment fails you are special as you are of the few who has one. Either way win/win

  4. Bern Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your portrait your right? And do you not wave that right by accepting this shameless bribe? What if you become real famous? People will pay real money to take your picture. Not to mention storing your facial features. If you ask me, it’s a bad financial move. Pay 10 ecu’s more now, get much more later!

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