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How Messy was my Desk a few Days ago ?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

Total: 1029 out of 298 votes > Average is: 3.453

desk pic

Nobody found it ! Anywayz, DON’T VOTE AGAIN, you gave me enough 1’s already ! (And that’s besides the fact that it’s the same picture)

Review: Hanson – Underneath

Monday, April 12th, 2004

It was obvious from the start (early 1997) they weren’t the normal kind of boyband. They shouldn’t have been called that in the first place, as they’ve outlived a few generations of those. Heck, one of the brothers is now married and a father. No, it obvious they were a real rock band (though slinging a few poppy tunes our way) when they delivered their first album, all written and performed by themselves. They went on to prove themselves with an extensive live tour, and took on producer duties on the following albums. The release of This Time Around (2000) already marked a rougher type of rock, while still sharpening the lyrics.
With this long awaited album, they’ve shown they’ve grown able to produce a full-blown mature rock album. Not only that, they’ve set up their own record label through which this album is released, as one of the reasons of the delays (they were already in the studios recording in 2001) is the Polygram and Universal merger, where they jumped from Mercury to the Def Jam label, not exactly a place a rock band wants to be. As a result, their first single, has hit the number 2 spot of the Billboard’s singles charts already, being the first independent distributed release to reach the top.
The album rocks from top to bottom, with several rock styles to be savored. The whole album radiates a happy atmosphere (as opposed to the somewhat darker This Time Around), with an upbeat rhythm and a range of acoustic and electric compositions. The jump from pop to rock doesn’t mean the songs aren’t as catchy as their previous range of songs. More than half of them are picked out easily, while the other ones clearly have the potential to grow on you. Keeping the lyrics diverse and the vocals sharp and harmonious, it’s quality all over. That alone would be enough, where it not they threw in quantity as well (15 tracks !).9-.

Review: Ola Love Potion 1 & 3

Monday, April 12th, 2004

As per request the review of the two currently available (4 pack, 2 by 2) icecream cones from Ola.

Love Potion nr. 1 – Tiramisu flavored with a cinnamon twist
First obvious thing, besides the flavor, is the more fluffy creamy icecream, as opposes to the more usual frozen milk type icecream. Second is the strategically position of the flavors. This way you’ll get through each flavor phase by phase. The flavors aren’t really overpowering, subtly sneaking in and out, while the crispy cone leads you towards the end. If it weren’t for the special flavors, the quality alone would have warranted a high grade.7½.

Love Potion nr. 3 – Rummy and chocalaty with eggnog sugary chips
Like above, you will go through a few phases, as by design. This one is like the above but with flavors I like more.8.

US Box Office

Monday, April 12th, 2004

Just as a certain someone resurrected on Easter Weekend, so does Mel’s Passion, surging back to the number one spot in its 7th week, with $17.1 million. Number two is for the opposite of Easter Weekend, Hellboy earns another $11.1 million, a hefty 52% drop from last week’s premiere.
A shared third spot for earning $9.2 million is for Disney’s The Alamo and Johnson Family Vacation. One big difference. The Alamo costs $100 million, the other movie only $12 million. Walt Disney would have suffered a heart attack if he was still alive.
Another failer at number 8 is Bruce Willis/Matthew Perry sequel The Whole Ten Yards with $6.7 million.

Review: 3 Doors Down – Away from the Sun

Monday, April 12th, 2004

As their single Here Without You hits the airwaves, I thought I might still be in time to review their already 2 year old album.
The single itself isn’t of super high standard, lyrically very simple, and musically just above standard. So, hoping there would be higher quality songs to be found, I was met with heavier guitar sets and a few more electric ones and then some. Hard to distinguish any one song through the loud noises, it gets tiresome within minutes. I can only finish with a grade that marks the F of failed.4.


Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Look at these:
cat pic
cat pic
cat pic

Nothing special to them ? Well, they are the last pictures. For now. That’s because they’re back at my sister’s. They always were, but as I got my own humble abode, and she stayed back home at my parents for a while, I was appointed Godfather (as I am with my niece). So, now that my duty is over, let’s list the pros and cons:

– They (well, only Abu and Raja) could meow on command…but only if they were hungry.
– Joepie jumps on me now and then (on my back or shoulders), purring on my neck…but only if he’s hungry.
– They would come to me in an instant with just a snap of the finger…but only if he’s hungry.
– I could send them out of the room with a clap in the hands. And sometimes it needed a harsh hissing “SSHHHH!!!” thrown behind that.
– They would give me a kiss on my mouth if I said “gimme a kiss” with the appropiate *smooch* sound. Then again, I shouldn’t have said that. They’re guyz. Ouch.

– Weekly cleaning of the kitty litter box.
– Bi-weekly clipping of the nails. If you don’t, things WILL get ugly.
– Daily vacuuming. Sometimes twice or thrice a day. WHERE DOES ALL THAT HAIR COME FROM ? Even after hourlong brushing sessions where I gathered some few kilos of hair, it somehow grows back within 2 hours !
– Nightly play session. *thump* .. jump from kitchen table to floor. *kding kding kding* running through the hallway chasing each other. And for attention, sometimes some excessive meowing in the middle of the night.
– Hairballs. The ugly stomach emptying slimy ones. And not just one spot, neupz, they would throw them all over the place.
– They are damn smart. My house is full of special tricks to demotivate them from doin’ stuff. They can open doors, so most handles had rubber bands holding the handle in place. One door closes magnetically. I had to put TWO extra magnets to hold them off. Towels would have to be ductaped to the wall. The trashbin had to be taped (top to body), they would run it over and retrieve whatever they liked for food or toy. Just a few examples.
– They’re picky when it comes to food. Do NOT TRY to give them the same brand/flavor in a row, they will spit it back to ya. You have to give them a different brand AND a different flavor every day.
– Did I mention hair ? Lots of it…hair hair hair.
– Ow, and Raja needs more disciplining. He talks back when you say he’s been bad. “Hey YOU CAN’t DO THAT !” “MEOW !”

How Messy is my Desk Today ?

Sunday, April 11th, 2004

Rate 1 (FR#^&% MESS !) to 5 (how very tidy !). Only rate the latest picture, otherwise I can’t keep track of the average.

Total: 1029 out of 298 votes > Average is: 3.453

desk pic

Happy Easter y’all. And for that, I’ve hidden 2 chocolaty eggs in the pic. Find them, and you will earn a *huuug* !!

Review: The Passion of the Christ

Thursday, April 8th, 2004

After seeing this movie, I can fully understand why most churches organise massive group screenings. The message in this movie is certainly strong. Taking the last hours before Jesus’ crucifixion, which basically embodies the essence of the Bible, put together in two hours is quite a feat to pull off. While the opposition screams out anti-Semitism, I can only agree with the more positive side. The message of love, sacrifice and forgiveness can’t be shown any more obvious than this. While this movie has the most gruesome torture scenes ever to hit the silver screen, I can only say the word sacrifice has more impact this way than it ever had on paper. Your heart sinks more and more with every beat. You will cringe more and more with every spatter of blood.
With only a limited range of emotions shown in this movie, Jim Caviezel still puts a performance worth a few Oscars.
As a whole, it doesn’t add much for people already familiar with the story, and by all means, if you faint with the first drop of blood, read the Bible again. But as a quick reminder in these currently troubling times, it is certainly powerful and quite moving.
Of course, it won’t convert you to a Christian in an instant, but it’s enough for at least a few philosophical conversations with friends and family.
I can only end with saying that Mel Gibson deserves respect for taking on such a daring project while trying to convey a positive message into this world.7½.

More fun

Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Sometimes, ads can be fun. Especially when you combine three funny dudes. First there’s director Barry Levinson (Wag the Dog, Rain Man, Bandits and such). Then you have Jerry Seinfeld. And last but not least. My main man Supez. Full name, Superman.
Combined, they’re doing a few short movies especially for American Express, only to be seen online, as it clearly doesn’t fit the 30 seconds window of advertisement on TV.

Go have fun here. One episode online, the other will be there shortly.

Almost summer…

Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Icecream time ! Well, I eat them throughout the year, so uhmmm. Never mind.
Here’s my trip to the complaint section of the Ola website.

Als levensgenieter neem ik bijna ieder avond een toetje, meestal ijs. U kunt me gerust een kenner, wat zeg ik, een expert noemen.
Helaas moet ik constateren dat de vroeger zo heerlijke Magnum Caramel & Nuts niet meer van hetzelfde kwaliteit is. De krokante chocolade buitenkant bijvoorbeeld, is een slappe bedoening geworden.
Dat neem ik u niet kwalijk, het kan immers een fout zijn van de vervoerders, of door de supermarkt bewaard zijn op een temperatuur hoger dan dat er geadviseerd wordt. Net zo min neem ik het u kwalijk dat ik nog steeds geen vriendin heb na het inslaan van massa’s van de nieuwe Love Potion (zoals mij verzekerd wordt in de nieuwe reclame campagne). Het kan immers een inwerkingstijd hebben, die u nog niet heeft vrijgegeven, zoals altijd het geval met potions. Waarschijnlijk moet ik gewoon nog geduld hebben. Maar ik dwaal af.
Het gaat in dit geval om de individuele verpakking. Bij het sealen van de verpakking om de reep zit deze er vaak nog tussen ! Met substantie ertussen wordt het dus helemaal niet gesealed, en lekt het er vaak uit. Dit is al meerdere keren gebeurd, maar gisteren trof ik een practisch gehalveerde reep aan. De andere helft (dus zowel van de reep als de verpakking) was niet te vinden, en een ijs dat al een paar maanden aan de lucht heeft blootgesteld gestaan eet ik natuurlijk niet op. Dit gaat me toch te ver.
Helaas moet ik u dus meededelen dat u gezakt bent naar plaats nummer 2 van mijn lijstje favoriete soorten ijs. De eerste plaats is natuurlijk een gedeelde, bezet door Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Daszch, Hertog en de AH.
U kunt er namelijk van uit gaan dat ik er geen een meer van aanraak totdat ik ervan verzekerd ben dat de kwaliteit weer op de hoogte is van mijn kennismaking zo’n jaar geleden.

Met nog steeds keuze genoeg, verblijf ik,

KaNam Ung.

How Messy is it at my Work Today ?

Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Rate 1 (sucks) to 5 (cool). Only rate the latest pictures, otherwise I can’t keep track of the average.

Total: 497 out of 152 votes > Average is: 3.270

work pic
A bad case of deja-vu:
“So, never cleaned your PC eh ?”
“Hunh ? What ?”
“Well, dust CAN kill your machine, sir”
“Dust ? What do you mean … dust ?”

To have or not to have privacy

Tuesday, April 6th, 2004

As you might know by now, Google’s ill-timed announcement for its free GMail service which includes a whopping 1 GB mailbox, and advanced search techniques to sort the mail for you, is no joke. It’s very real, though still in beta testing. But now that the idea has sunk in, another matter pops up…privacy.
To generate the money to sustain the service, relevant advertisement is being used. As everybody knows, my most passionate subject is….golf. Therefore, most of my e-mails will reflect that and hence when I use GMail daily, I will come across ads for a new Tiger Woods PC game, or a new vendor selling high quality Iron 5’s through 9’s.
Is this privacy invasion or not ? Will you sign up when it becomes available or not ? Oh, and while you’re at it, guess if I will sign up or not, because I’ve already decided.


Tuesday, April 6th, 2004

I just removed my man, ol’ geezer Bill Gates from my speed dial. Not that I don’t like him anymore, after all, he’s the man predicting hardware will become practically free. But let’s face it, he’s not the richest man in the world anymore.
Nope, right now on my number one speed dial button is Ingvar Kamprad. It’s the man who founded IKEA. And as my house is filled with this Swedish ingenuity, it’s a no-brainer he’s come that far because of me.
So, my main man Ingvar has a cash deposit of no less than 400 billion crowns, that translates to $53 billion. Ex-my-main-man Bill has only an estimated $47 billion.

US Box Office

Monday, April 5th, 2004

Dark Horse Comic’s red devilish Hellboy, featuring Ron Perlman and Selma Blair, scared the rest of the box office away. Hence, ending up on the number one spot with $23.5 million.
Walking Tall, a remake with The Rock and Johnny Knoxville, had enough with $15.3 million to land on nr. 2. Scooby-Doo 2 dropped a hefty but probably well-deserved 49%, with $15 million it ranks third.
Traditional animated Disney movies don’t attract big hordes anymore. The premiere of Home on the Range only put $14 million the box.
Romancer The Prince and Me ends up on 5, with only $10 million.

Open ad…

Sunday, April 4th, 2004

You’ve probably seen the ad campaign by now. Ola’s new range of icecream cones.

Ola Love Potion
It promises you a girlfriend in no time, and for the already committed people, it says it will improve your lovelife.

So, just to be clear on this matter, and not to let any confusion get in the way, I’m throwing the following announcement in the open: I have a TRUCKLOAD of these in my freezer. Don’t be shy now.