…part 2

Another day, another opportunity to write something useless. More keywords ! (Told you this would happen)

delta goodrem my big mistake mp3, rank 9
Download Innocent Eyes MP3 by Delta Goodrem, rank 29
Delta Goodrem Born to try mp3 download, rank 41

picture messy desk, rank 1
wayne wonder letting go mb kb mp3 download, rank 1 AND 2 !!!
raunchy, “American Wedding,” pics, rank 28
funny vid, rank 6 AND 7 !!!

download tomb raider character opener, rank 2
Keira Knightley horseback, rank 8

liv tyler mb mpeg, rank 16

As you can see, another day, another handful of unsatisfied customers.

So, you got some interesting search engine ranks on ya, to share ?

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