Useless but interesting…

Search engines are quite interesting things, all have their own behavior, their own methods. A quick stroll through my web log showed the following links and results. You can test them out yourself, just use the link above it, and use the exact keywords as you see here (including the “‘s or -). As you can see, most people are let down if they finally arrive at my site, as I don’t host pictures or subtitles. Writing this story, actually will fuel the search engines to get me an even higher score now. Whud am I doing ? Paradooooox….

(note, ranks are subject to change daily, of course, as search engines are updated continuously)

messy desk picture”, rank 1
“Star Wars Kid” jedi download save, rank 6
download subtitle american wedding, rank 18
“star wars kid” mpeg, rank 61
mpeg star wars kid, rank 90+
review “In this Skin” simpson, rank 56

download subtitle bad boys II, rank 10

keira knightley mpeg, rank 6
kristinna loken pics, rank 5
picture of a messy table, rank 14

“messy desk” AND “picture”, rank 1

fat kid star wars mpeg, rank 22

download delta goodrem innocent eyes mp3, rank 30
delta goodrem innocent eyes mp3 download -lyrics, rank 10
kristinna loken pics, rank 7

How about you, you got any interesting (search engine related) things in your web log ?

One Response to “Useless but interesting…”

  1. Gabi Says:

    Actually I’m not sure what did you want to say here, but the truth is I’m trying for two months now to find an English subtitle for American Wedding (American Pie 3) but no help. I simply can not believe that such a thing does not exist on net! Could you help me to find it ? I don’t like to say this but I’m a kind of hearing impared person. Thanks for your time and space.

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