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Are you ready for the next step ? Every single one of you, of course, has a mobile phone by now. First there was SMS for text, then there was MMS for pictures. Now that those markets are overcrowded, it’s time to move on to the next step. Mobile TV/Video !
First there’s Vodafone. With new UMTS phones, bandwidths of 384/64 kbps are reality. Hence the push of video to the phone is just as easy. With just a few bucks an hour, you get special content. Vodafone already ordered special episodes of the hit-series 24. The spin-off series called 24: Conspiracy will be packaged in 24 mobisodes of 60 seconds.
Then there are the new mobile phones featuring real TV chips and a special antenna. More resembling old fashioned TV set (as UMTS is an all digital two-way communications network), Nokia’s handsets will be able to access some 20 to 50 TV channels. No pricing is available yet. But a small price to pay is the bulkier apparatus.
As you can see, tons of new revenue possibilities (subcriptions and new hardware sales) for the coming years. Which one will you choose ?

4 Responses to “The next level…”

  1. [Tinus] Says:

    Tv on your mobile phone? Right. That’s really a good idea. :rcrazy:

  2. Nasty Cum Worhe cream movies only a click away Says:

    Yep. Just my luck. I buy a new celly, two months later they introduce UMTS. Anyway, let’s see how all of this turns out. Let the bReEz4H chicks buy the stuff first, see what sucks about it and wait until they’ve corrected all the bugs these phones will undoubtedly have and THEN buy it. I guess. On the other hand, watching vids on my cellphone isn’t something I’d spend a lot of money on. Oh, and of course all those companies are going to charge waaaay too much ecu’s for datatraffic.

  3. Mr T Says:

    Of course, after a while the display is too small and you can buy a separate monitor. Next the sound quality is not good enough and a sound system is introduced. In a similar way a dvd recorder is available and all is integrated into one system which we call a “com-pu-ter” (to be read in a Dr Evil kind of way). I clearly see the evolution of the technology here (it seems more like a loop).

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