Review: Saturday Night Live 30.01 – 30.06

You know what they say, when you’re thirty, you will go downhill. Same goes for TV I guess. Since 1975, SNL spawned funny men like Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers, Chevey Chase, Chris Rock and Billy Christal. These were of course creme de la creme (as they also took on writer duties), but comparing it to the current batch, it’s quite saddening. With the current crop of episodes, you can bet your life on the not funniness of the show. Guests like Ben Affleck and Kate Winslet can’t save an episode, and even natural comedic talents like Luke Wilson will fail with every attempt. While the sketches themselves aren’t too enjoyable, the consistent cue card reading is kind of too obvious and annoying. I know it’s live, but come on, try to remember at least a few lines. Too late for the “quite while while you’re on top” scenario, but still, 30 is a nice number to quit on.

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