What the … ?

4.35 am: I woke up, had to take a leak.
4.37 am: Back in bed. Still got some 3 hours of sleep left.
4.38 am: Something prevents me from finding my zen. Or something. It’s outside. Chirping away like a happy bird. Ow wait, it is a bird. Singing. Actually, it’s a few birds, all singing their own tune.
5.07 am: I’m slightly dozing off… I think they finally stopped singing.

WHY ARE BIRDS UP AND SINGING SO EARLY ??? Shouldn’t they at least wait till sunrise ?

3 Responses to “What the … ?”

  1. Hell-o Nurse Says:

    Uncle Kung, it’s time for your medicine. *grabs a straitjacket*:crazy:

  2. Mr T Says:

    Just go to bed early, don’t drink too much coffee and don’t spend too much time behind your pc. Then you will have a good night rest and become a more friendly, not so grumpy person anymore so that you will be happy hearing birds sing early in the morning…

  3. Nagus Says:

    Besides… Daylight ìs coming at 4:30 AM in June… So those birds are happy to have some fun in those hours normal people are still asleep. We should let them have their own domain for about three/four hours, after that: people are awake -> MUCH noise…

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