Review: OST Spiderman 2

For a soundtrack, this one is surprisingly good. Mostly handpicked and approved by Sam Raimi results in a very balanced album of high quality. The uniform sound and feeling will attract you the moment you’ve listened to all the songs at least once. This albums contains a lot of songs specially written for the movie, and this is reflected in the lyrics. This adds another dramatic layer that makes the bonding process between the soundtrack and the listener all that much easier. As for the uniformity, most songs are leaning to the direction of the rougher rock scene. Train, for instance, picks up the heavier guitars, leaving their comfy ballad habitat on this special occasion. Others (mostly punkrockers, like Yellowcard, Hoobastank, Taking Back Sunday, Lostprophets, The Ataris) custom-tailored their style to be slightly more accessible. And last but not last, Sony as the company behind the movie and the soundtrack, has unique opportunity to highlight their own artists with a unique globally localised and customised soundtrack. Most of the world will get the We Are track from this young lady Ana (Johnsson), an upcoming Swedish/German pop/rock star .
So, although I may not like all the tracks, for the people who like the rougher rock albums, I’m most certain it’s a must-have. As for the others, if not for your own pleasure, and if you’re planning on throwing a party, I’m sure this soundtrack will get the mood up and swinging in no time.7-.

3 Responses to “Review: OST Spiderman 2”

  1. shanu Says:

    The best song by far on it is ‘We Are’. The film itself is pretty good too.

  2. Irtiza Says:

    Good song ….thanks to The Strings ..:crazy:

  3. Irtiza Says:

    Jaano gana hae yar:crazy:

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