Review: Salem’s Lot

TNT’s rendition of Stephen King’s novel marks another black spot on his slate, even though it may not even be his fault. After the strangely boring Kingdom Hospital TV series was cancelled deservedly and quickly, this TV movie deserves a few yawns as well. A result from the combination of Warner Brother’s TV department and second rate director Mikael Salomon, they’ve efficiently killed the notion that Stephen King writes scary stuff. Add to that they brought the worst out of actors like Rob Lowe, Donald Sutherland and James Cromwell, and you wish a stake had gone through the project before it saw the light. This is one of the most boring vampire movie to this date, and screenwriter Peter Filardi has to take some blame for that. Watching the dialogue unfold, be it read by an accomplished actor or a junkyard robot, it would have been evenly excruciating. I can only hope the Screenwriter’s Guild revoked his membership.3+.

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