How Messy is my Desk Today ?

Rate 1 (FR#^&% MESS !) to 5 (how very tidy !). Only rate the latest picture, otherwise I can’t keep track of the average.

Total: 1127 out of 337 votes > Average is: 3.344

desk pic

3 Responses to “How Messy is my Desk Today ?”

  1. Bern Says:

    Let’s see. Emtpy mug. A pile of DVD’s. Combined with a plate with peanuts, a spoon, a bag of earlier mentioned peanuts, tea, another emtpy mug with TELETUBBIES on it (yeah go ahead blame y’r niece) and a towel. Can’t make up if it’s dirty or not, but I’ll give you a big fat 1 anyway.

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    Why would you take a picture of this? What’s the newsvalue according to you? I don’t get it…. Oh, and by the way: 1!

  3. Mr T Says:

    News value is that the whole world changes but the desk of Kimputer will always remain messy… Grade: 1.

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