Review: The Jury 101 – 102

Fox’s new courtroom drama with a twist. This time, we’ll see the case develop from the jury’s point of view. With the steady characters being the lawyers on both sides, the judge, and a few officers of the court, such as the bailliff and stuff.
Starting each episode, you’ll receive a quick flash of the case, which will later be discussed in more detail when the jurors start bickering in the deliberation room. Their arguments are there only to serve to move the story forward. While most jurors do get a few basic character traits to work with, it’s just feels a bit contrived. The judge himself is a stiff one too. Played by series creator/executive producer/director Barry Levinson (Oscar winner for directing Rainman), it clearly tells us acting classes wouldn’t really hurt the series.
The rest of the main characters serve their jobs without too much depth.
With this all, it’s easy to see where this will be heading. Another easy to swallow episodic series. While it shows a new perspective, it’s not as engaging as a “normal” courtroom drama like The Practice, purely on writing alone. My prediction is, a few more episodes, and then it’s Jury Dismissed (if it’s not cancelled, it’s me not watching it anymore).

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