Review: 50 First Dates

Another one of those sad cases where the trailer actually beats the movie (in quality, that is). From the beginning of the movie, it feels like an engine that just doesnt’ want to start. The dull dialogue uttered by an unconvincing Casanova that is Adam Sandler, doesn’t improve atmosphere. But hey, at least he’s not as irritating as he was in, let’s say, Little Nicky. Or Waterboy. Drew Barrymore, of course, is as sweet as she always is, so at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time. The story itself is simple (and copied and mixed), naturally not lending itself too well for this comedy. Hence the laughs are kept to a minimum, and while the story concludes, you realise you still have another hand left to keep the count. So, just watch the trailer, take my word for it that’s all you need to see, accept the fact that Adam Sandler didn’t have a better role since the Wedding Singer, and rent that one instead.5+.

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