An even shorterer K-uiz

1. Just as certain as Pluto rotates around the sun every 248 years, so is my visit to my barber. The same one I’ve had in roughly 16 years. True barber skills are hard to find these days. So, exactly how is my barber visit scheduled ?
a. 2 weeks
b. 4 weeks
c. 6 weeks
d. 8 weeks

2. As you may or may not know, ever since I was young, I always had some music carrying with with me. Here’s only a small collection of what I had. K-uestion is, put them in order of acquirement, from old to new.
a. Sony WM-FX 653 walkman + radio
b. iRiver iHP-140 MP3 player 40 GB + FM tuner
c. Creative Nomad II Jukebox 6 GB mp3 player
d. Pine CD/MP3 player
e. Sony MiniDisc/recorder MZ-G750 + radio tuner
f. GenX 128 MB memorystick/mp3 player USB
g. Portable CD-player

bonus points if you can point out which of these were above the 500 guilders/250 euro

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4 Responses to “An even shorterer K-uiz”

  1. Mr T Says:

    above 250 euro:f

  2. Bern Says:

    2:A, G, E, D, F, C, B.

    Over 250 were definately the iRiver and the Nomad II.

    This does prove you have way too much money goin’ ’round, dude.

  3. [Tinus] Says:


  4. Kimputer Says:

    1. EVERY 4 weeks, exactly it is.

    2. Cd player in ’85 I think. Then on to several Sony Walkmans, later on it was the Pine CD/MP3 player, and then the Creative Nomad, both sucked the batteries dry within the hour. Then the sturdy (now dented) Sony MiniDisc, followed by the GenX memorystick/mp3 player. Last but not least, of course, it’s the hard disk based iRiver. So gadcefb it is !
    Bonuspoints for abc and e !

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