US Box Office

Funnyman beats stranded man. Ben Stiller’s on top of things again with Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, his fourth movie this year already. Another satisfying $30 million opener makes up for the few missteps in the past (Envy, Duplex).
Tom Hanks strands himself at the number 2 spot, with The Terminal, flying in some $18.7 million, still moderately satisfying.
For young Harry, the magic is starting to wear off, as he falls from nr. 1 to 3 with $17.4 million.
At number 4, Shrek 2 is heading for the $400 million mark, taking in another $13.6 million.
The biggest disappointment this week is the Jackie Chan/Steve Coogan starring big budget Around the World in 80 Days. Opening with $6.8 million, it doesn’t really matter how fast it will take you to go around the world, the $110 million budget will probably never break even.

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