The Umbrella Conspiracy

Looking around on this windy day, I cannot keep my mouth shut anymore, when the truth should be out there.
But first, check these links for a history lesson. Link 1 | Link 2
So, since the early 17th century, they’ve been used eh ? So what happened after some 300 years ? THIS:

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(These pictures aren’t gathered over the years. No, these were taken in one day, just strolling around the block, doin’ groceries.)

Yupz, a gush of wind, even as low as windforce 4 on the scale of Beaufort, and it’s over. You have to buy yourself a new one again. So here’s the theory. They (the manufacturers) make them so weak, you have to keep buying them.
Let’s be honest, how many have you bought in the last year (no, you lazy car drivers, don’t answer. This question is only for the hard working pedestrian) ?
Then the next question is, what can we do about this horible conspiracy ?