As I stepped in the car, I heard it on the radio. As we drove off, I saw it all around me. As we took the highway to work, an evil grin appears on my face. Traffic jam.Totalling to some 800 kilometres, second highest record of all times, in this little country. Going 120 km/h on the A16. It’s all clear. Almost a speed record to my work. Yeah, traffic jam can sometimes be fun.

4 Responses to “Hah!”

  1. [Tinus] Says:

    So were you in it or did you drive by? :wave:
    Then again: viva la north! “Er gaat niets boven Groningen!” :mrgreen:

  2. Kimputer Says:

    A simple passenger (then, you can sleep, so I think I’ll push my drivers licence target date back a few years), driving by.

    Oh, and the Groningen ad on the radio SUUUUHUUUUUCKs !!!

  3. Mr T Says:

    Maybe it is an option to make Groningen part of Germany. And while we’re at it, add Friesland to Germany as well….

  4. [Tinus] Says:

    Good idea! Then there won’t be anymore westerners coming to us for cheap houses and we’ll still have no to little traffic jams! 😀

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