Review: Big Fish

The line between fantasy and reality is harsh. Mixing it together, can be that much harder. And that’s exactly what Tim Burton is trying. The exaggerated stories serve well as light entertainment. With no real content, it’s still interesting enough to run its course towards the end. The reality part is only touching in the lightest sense. As the character dynamics demand great distance, it’s hard to feel close to them. And the mix ? Well, as I said, it’s hard. Chosing the middle road, it ends up being quite predictable. With the disrespect that Tim Burton has built up in me now, this movie tips the balance back a bit, though it is only a small amount. And even then, most of it is deserved by the actors.7-.

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  1. Bern Says:

    Glad to see you had fun last night, while we (being DataLore and yours truly) fragged the shit out of Kasmodiah.

    Anyway, Big Fish looked promising the few scenes I’ve seen from it, and now you tell me it’s not. How very disappointing. Fighting Fish sucked too.. might be that putting Fish inside a movie theatre isn’t such a good idea after all.

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