60 days…

I think I’ll be off to the British mainland. The MI5 Intelligence Service is recruiting some 1000 new agents. With a starting salary of 20.100 pounds a year, it’s hard to say no. The press release also stated that currently, there are only 4% blacks and asians in service. This, of course, is a direct call to me. The 60 days evaluation and training will be no garantuee for a job though. If only I could hide my trails back to the Chinese mob, I’d be more sure those 60 days won’t be wasted on silly technicalities.

6 Responses to “60 days…”

  1. Bern Says:

    Was dat niet MI6?

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    Will you still blog after you did your little careerswitch? Very curious about what you will do and think then! 😀

  3. Albi Says:

    Bern: Neen.

  4. Bern Says:

    Gerard, jamaar, in James Bond heet het wel MI6. Toch?

  5. Kimputer Says:

    MI, Military Intelligence. MI5, domestic. MI6 Foreign. MI5 should catch the spies (say, other countries’ MI6), but somehow, MI6 has a counter-intelligence division built inside too. A few other agencies are MI1 Codebreaking, MI2 Russia and Scandinavia, MI3 Eastern Europe MI4 Aerial Reconnaisance MI7 Propaganda MI8 Military Communication Interception, MI9 Undercover operations, /POW escape MI10 Weapons analysis MI11 Field security police. There’s more up to MI18 I think.

    SO YEAH, James is MI6, SO WHAT ?

  6. Bern Says:

    Ouwe geheim agent van me.

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