As I walked by, I knew something was off. I had to walk by a few times again before I knew what it was. Charlie Chui’s is no more. As the only Chinese fast food toko downtown (Lijnbaan, Rotterdam), it served food so bad, nobody has gone there twice. Ever. So this was to be expected, but for the Chinese mob, it was a good money laundring facility.

3 Responses to “Sad”

  1. Mr T Says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it isn’t so!!! I remember the good old days where we once (and indeed only once) sat there, totally not enjoying the horrible food. But still, we will miss him…:-( (why isn’t there a cry-smiley available???)

  2. Ezri Says:

    Volgens mij is er nog eentje in Utrecht though. 😀

  3. [Tinus] Says:

    who? what? :rcrazy:

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