Better watch out, Bill set a $250.000 reward on the head of the guy who wrote the MyDoom.B virus/worm (the original A version targets SCO anywayz). Currently beating the crap out of Sobig and MSBlaster, it’s gonna reign the charts for quite some time. Why ? Because most people are still DUMB. And most most DUMB country ? The United States of America. Roughly just 3% of the world population (correct me if I’m wrong), a big cut, hold your breath, THIRTY FIVE PERCENT, yes 35% of the current outbreaks originate from the US. They are the most dumb and click happy people (and don’t tell me it’s an accident, because you need FOUR mouseclicks to get infected, and even if those are accidents, you’re still stupid. And if you open executables on Kazaa, which only requires 2 clicks, you’re stupid too).
And while you may argue that they probably have the highest percentage of people online, it’s also online where you get warned first. Not to mention, read the paper lately ? Watch the news on the telly ?
So, if eventually the maker of MyDoom will be caught, it will turn out it was probably a scientist trying to map the IQ of the world demographically.