Golden Globes for …

… mostly The Return of the King. Taking home the statues for best Picture/Drama and Director.

Other well deserved awards went to:
Original Song: Into the West – Annie Lennox for The Return of the King
Original Score: Howard Shore for The Return of the King
Screenplay – Sofia Coppola – Lost in Translation
Picture – Musical or Comedy – Lost in Translation
Actor – Musical or Comedy – Bill Murray in Lost in Translation
TV – Drama – 24
TV – Musical or Comedy – The Office (BBC) (first non-America to be nominated, first non-American to win)
Actor in TV – Musical or Comedy – Ricky Gervais in The Office (BBC)

Should’ve won too:
Actor: Kiefer Sutherland for 24 or Willam Peterson for CSI (beat out by stiff emotionless Anthony LaPlagia for Without a Trace)
Actress: Scarlett Johannsson for Lost in Translation/Girl with a Pearl Earring (beat out by Diane Keaton)

3 Responses to “Golden Globes for …”

  1. Albi Says:

    Really a shame that Cold Mountain just won 1 golden globe, should have been a little more out of 8 nominations. Glad that Lost In Translation won as much as it did, real nice movie :mrgreen:

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    Looking forward to the Oscars! 😀

  3. Bern Says:

    I should get an Oscar. I can act, you know. Really! See, you believed me there.

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