And the nominees are …

Just a day after the Golden Globes have been handed out, the nominee list for the 76th edition of the Academy Awards has been announced. Look at it here.
11 for The Return of the King. Earned. A few for Pirates, Finding Nemo, and a few more for Lost in Translation. Also very much earned.
But 10 for the ultra-boring Master and Commander: The bblablabalalsoboring long title ?? Hope they’ll sail away with NONE !

2 Responses to “And the nominees are …”

  1. Mr T Says:

    I find it very strange that The Last Samurai has so few Oscar Nominations while indeed the quite boring M&C has 10!!!! What kind of world are we living in???? Also LotR:RotK has too few Oscar Nominations….:razz:

  2. [tinus] Says:

    Because LotR is already in its third year of Academy Awards, I expect they won’t get that many. So that leaves in a few categories only the two boat movies. My hope is dat Mr. Depp made a better impression than Mr. Crowe. IMHO he always does! :oops::razz:

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