Happy Birthday

Not a wrinkle on his face (well, he had one facelift though) and only 75 years old. Congratz to Mickey Mouse (and thereby, also Minnie Mouse, as she’s the same age, appearing in the same movie). Over 140 movies, and still no performance issues (if you see how hard Marlon Brando has to try to act a bit, you finally understand). Next year will mark his jump to 3D, so many many more year to you Mickey !

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Ben Tims Says:

    Oh, you remind me to set up some huge
    mousetraps in all the Disney resorts.
    Kill that mouse and his mouse spouse
    (or is it mousewife?). Congratulations
    with your last birthday Mickey!!!

  2. Kimputer Says:

    Doed, you should’ve sued that Mickey costume guy’s ass off when he pushed you to the ground in Disney Land Resort, not hold a grudge against the real Mickey for over 10 years !

  3. Ben Tims Says:

    Costume?? I thought it was the real Mickey….

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