Review: Love Actually

It’s hard to imagine a movie filled with 20+ class British actors fighting for screentime AND make a good movie. However, they did pull it off nicely. The story is like the branches of a tree, and that works well in the background. Sometimes mushy, sometimes awkward, but in the end a very entertaining feel-good movie.8-.

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  1. Gabi Says:

    I wonder if you can help me, but the truth is I’m trying for two months now to find an English subtitle for American Wedding (American Pie 3) but no help. I simply can not believe that such a thing does not exist on net! Could you help me to find it ? I don’t like to say this but I’m a kind of hearing impared person. Thanks for your time and space.

  2. Kimputer Says:

    Sorry, no can do. If you can’t get an Israelian buddy to rip it off an DVD (because I don’t buy that many DVD’s), the last option is to buy the DVD or Video yourself.

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