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Review: Monster Hunter

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

Since we (The Netherlands) will be getting a few movies ahead of most of the world (or at least the US), I thought I’d start my spoiler free reviews again, as to hint others what they may or may not expect soon in these times where entertainment (home or in the theater, as long as you do it safely!) is a much needed form of distraction during these times.
Monster Hunter will NOT help you in any way though, sadly. Director Paul W.S. Anderson was never an artistic high flyer, churning out popcorn movies devoid of real meaty story telling. You couldn’t expect anything mildly entertaining to begin with, but in this case, he dropped the ball hard.
Extremely cringy dialogue and scenes aside, the action shots are fast paced edited chaos you’d also expect. But combine that with his 3D considerations as a post-thought (and no 2D showings available), and this incompetence becomes a burden on the viewer. The action scenes are near impossible to follow, let alone enjoy. The stark contrast with directors like James Cameron, who put the 3D thought in the very early stages of his movie making, is just heartbreakingly in your face, worthy of shedding a few tears over. Added is a waste of talent (Ron Perlman), so avoid at all costs.