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Google Time portals

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Google Maps and Streetview are useful tools. Mostly I use it to plan my route, hereby (sometimes) eliminating the need for navigation on the road (by checking crossroads, points of reference near the destination and such).
Other times, I just use it out of curiosity, when someone mentions a place, and I want to take a look around for whatever reasons.
Only this time, it was a mind boggling trip. I had to check a few times, thinking I landed in a scifi TV episode of some kind, but here you can check it yourself. I found no less than 2 time portals, hence, you will see stuff from 3 different time periods (look at the logo. One with a brown background, one without, and a total other one).
Time travel here (patience, 46MB)
Of course, it’s understandable to have some jumps here and there, but you’d expect them more far and away, not in just one spot.